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Central Kentucky Angus Assoc "Winter Sale" - January 15, 2022

Start Time:

58th Annual Winter Sale of the Central Kentucky Angus Association

Auction Location: 2248 Fork Church Rd, Lancaster, Kentucky

Bull Hill Ranch Production Sale - January 15, 2022

Start Time:

"More Bull for Your Buck Production Sale"

Auction Location: 1986 Trinity Church Rd., Gray Court, South Carolina 29645

Stone Gate Farms Production Sale - March 7, 2022

Start Time:
Auction Location: 1669 Mill Creek Rd, , Flemingsburg, Kentucky 41041

Red Wave Red Angus Sale - March 18, 2022

Start Time:

OHIO BEEF EXPO - "Friday Night Angus Lights"

Auction Location: 717 E 17th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43211