All bidders of live auctions broadcasted by TopShelf Auctions agree to these terms: By bidding and purchasing online; you are entering into a binding contract between yourself and the seller(s) and that you will be held financially responsible for your purchases. All purchases must be paid within five (5) days of sale date and prior to load out or delivery of cattle purchased. An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to the buyer by e-mail at the close of sale. 

TopShelf Auctions acts only as an agent between buyer and seller and may not be held responsible for any livestock merchandise. It is clear TopShelf Auctions and its representatives act only as a means between buyer and seller, and may not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any failure on the part of the same to fulfill any obligations set forth in the sale or for the truths of any warranties expressed or implied. The information stated in the online sale catalog has been prepared by TopShelf Auctions from the information provided by the seller(s) and is assumed to be fully accurate as presented to us.  TopShelf Auctions will not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any incorrect information presented in the online sale catalogs or sale materials. The sales of any livestock will sell under the terms and conditions set forth by the seller(s) and will be so advertised for each specific sale. All sale conditions and terms are subject to change at any time and all announcements from the auction block take precedence over printed materials.

TopShelf Auctions is a service provider and is not responsible for the activity or inactivity of any technology, internet connection at the sale site or the connection and technology of the bidders. The speed of your internet connection is key to the success of placing your bids at the price you intended to bid. The audio feed you hear may be behind the price in the bid button. Please use the visual price in the bid button as your guide. It is as close to real time as we can achieve. If you typically experience slow download times with your internet connection this may not be the best way to bid. If you have a slow internet connection, dial up connection or have satellite internet we recommend you watch the sale on the internet and call in your bids to the auctioneer and/or sale manager prior to the sale.